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Civil and religious ceremony

The small town of La Bellière is over 50 years the home of the family of Virginie. René Geslin, her uncle is the mayor. Very attached to this little village, get married there was obvious for Virginie.


Civil Ceremony at 10am

The town hall is composed of a single room. This is the raison why the civil ceremony will be reserved for parents, siblings and witnesses. If there is some space left, others guests are welcome.

Religious Ceremony 10:30

Distant from the Mairie of 200 meters, the maternal grandparents of Virginie live the presbytery, the church is virtually in their backyard ! We will meet you in this recently restored church where Virginie played Harmonium when her grandmother rang the bells.
After the ceremony and the traditional photos of the newlyweds at the exit the church, we all drive to the reception site where will be held congratulations and cocktail. Follow the guide!